Task Forces

COVID-19 Task Forces

Advisory BOD:

· Ali Andalibi, Interim Dean, National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases, College of Science, GMU
· Kevin Borek, CIO, Information Technology Support, GMU
· Gary King, Director of the Institute for Quantitative Social Science, Harvard
· Jason Ur, Director of Center for Geographic Analysis / Anthropology Department, Harvard
· Douglas Richardson, Emeritus Executive Director of AAGCGAHarvard
· Mike Goodchild, Emeritus Professor, Geography, University of California at Santa Barbara 

Leadership Team: ­­­

· Chaowei Yang, Director, STC, College of Science, GMU
· Wendy Guan, Executive Director, CGA and NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center, Harvard
· Shuming Bao, Director, China Data Institute

Virus Case Data Collection, Sharing and Visualization Team:

· Dieter Pfoser, GGS Chair, College of Science, GMU
· Ilan Alon, The School of Business and Law, The University of Agder, Norway
· Jing M. Chen, Department of Geography and Program in Planning, University of Toronto, Canada
· Jiashun Huang, School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford Univ. 
· Jie Huang, School of Public Policy, Peking Univ.
· Akiyuki Kawasaki, Department of Civil Engineering, Tokyo Univ.
. Ella Li, Hai JIn,Zillion Info, LLC
. Mei Li, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University
· Dexuan Sha, Platform developer, Data Collection, Processing and Visualization, College of Science, (GMU POC)
· Zhong Chen, Sharing and Visualization GUI, Computer Science Department, GMU
· You Zhou, Website design, Psychology Department, GMU
· Xinyan Zhu, Spatial Information System and Service Department, Wuhan Univ.

Other Relevant Data Analyses and Collection:

· Donglian Sun, Meteorology and Remote Sensing, College of Science, GMU
· David Wong, Population and Migration, College of Science, GMU
· Paul Houser, Climate Change and Water Cycle, College of Science, GMU
. Mingyue Lu, Nanjing University of Information Engineering (Meteorology)
· Yuanzheng Shao, Collaboration and Innovation Center for Geo-Spatial Information Technology, Wuhan Univ.
· Konrad Wessels, College of Science, GMU
· Qian Liu, Spatiotemporal Collocation and climate/atmospheric relation analytics, College of Science (GMU POC)

Spatiotemporal Analytics Team:

· Yun Li, Machine Learning, College of Science (GMU POC)
. Huayi Wu, State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University
· Ben Lewis, Harvard CGA
· Zhenlong Li, Geoinformation and Big Data Research Lab, University of South Carolina
. Songnian Li, School of Civil Engineering, Ryerson University, Canada
. Bonan Li, Kailian Huang, Wayhe Technologies
· Kun Qin, College of Remote Sensing Information Engineering, Wuhan Univ.
· Bernd Resch, Spatiotemporal Data Mining, University of Salzburg/Austria
· Manzhu Yu, Spatiotemporal Analytics and Modeling, Penn State University
· Liang Zhao, GeoAI, Department of Information Science and Technology, GMU
· Zhiran Zhang, Ranking and Recommendation, National Geomatics Center of China

Public Health Modeling Team:

· Jie Huang, Medical SchoolPeking Univ.
· Mauricio Santillana, Harvard Medical School
· Xun Shi, Department of Geography, Dartmouth
· Peter Song, School of Public Health, Univ. of Michigan-Ann Arbor
· Kyla Carte, George Mason University (GMU POC)

IT Networking & Security:

· Hai Lan, Department of Geographical Science, Univ. of Maryland/GMU Affiliate (GMU POC)
· Curtis McNay, IT Security Officer, GMU
· Qian Xu, IT Networking Manager, GMU
· Songqing Chen, Computer Science Professor, Volgenau School of Engineering, GMU

Computing and Platform Team:

· Tao Hu, CGA, Harvard
· Devika Kakkar, CGA, Harvard
· Hoot Thompson, Information Technology Support, GMU
· Zifu Wang, Server infrastructure construction, College of Science (GMU POC)
· Yifei tian, Server infrastructure construction, Applied Information Technology, GMU
· Carol Xu, FDL