List of Data are being collected, and will be shared with the community. 

Please suggest new data (not on the list but would be useful to your research) by emailing to dsha at gmu dot edu or fill out the form

Data source Data type Data description Visual Analytics (Demo) Download Link
Base Data Base maps Global basemap with country scale   Global Admin0 basemap (Stcenter)
Country basemap for province and city scale Basemap join toturial Admin1/2 basemap under country folders (Stcenter)
Census shapefile of USA TIGER/Line® Shapefiles   TIGER
Virus Data Virus Data of multiple countries Daily reports on virus cases by state/province scales COVID-19 Spreading in the U.S. Daily report and time-series summary for state/province level (Stcenter)
Lastest virus cases summary by state/province scales
Virus Data of the World Daily reports on virus cases by country scale COVID-19 spreading around the world COVID-19-Data Global (Stcenter)
Lastest virus cases summary by country scale
Facility data Health facility data Point data of Hospital in USA   U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Point data of Hospital in China   China Data Lab
Migration data Migration Data of China Matrix tables with daily city to city floating population (China)   China Data Lab
Papers Web of Science/Google Scholar Collect COVID-19 related papers from the web of science, Google Scholar and other resources Publication analysis module on site. Coming soon.
News release Covid-19 Events and News (Global) Collect news related to important events during the COVID-19 outbreak and spread   China Data Lab (GDELT)
Covid-19 Relevent News (Global) Chronicle of main events globally.   China Data Lab, STCenter
Covid-19 Relevent News (China) The Chronicle of changes in policies, regulations and leaderships (China)   China Data Lab, STCenter
Policies and regulations Global Coronavirus government response tracker, aims to track and compare policy responses around the world, rigorously and consistently. Global policy index change in time-series. Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
  USA Policies and regulations released by the USA state government, collected and coded by STCenter. USA state level policy index change in time-series. State level policy in time-series (Stcenter)
Earth Observation VIIRS/NPP Day/Night Band (DNB) Night light remote sensing is an efficient tool and data source to monitor the dynamic of economic and human activities before, during and after the COVID-19 spreading. Its high spatial and temporal resolution offer essential basis for policy makers in departments such as economic transportation and health. Night light radiance change for New York City, USAWuhan City, China. Coming soon.
  IMERG precipitation IMERG provides precipitation estimations in a 30-minutes frequency, it will be utilized to support the tracking and monitoring the COVID-19 virus. Global daily precipitation. NASA
Weather Simulation MERRA2 MERRA2 can provide globally full coverage of temperature (Gelaro et al., 2017) and humidity simulations. The two factors are important for the spread and transmission of the virus. Daily global temperaturehumidity. NASA